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Every screen, surface or even open space can be converted into a multi-touch screen!

Brand: Solutions4interactivity
Category: Accessories




  • Convert every screen, surface or even open space into a multi-touch screen
  • Every projection, plasma, LCD or LED wall can be made interactive
  • Every movement (by means of hands, feet, …) in a certain area is being registered
  • The screen itself does not necessarily have to be touched
  • The hardware detects movement by means of a (harmless) rotating laser
  • The radarTOUCH can be used outside.
  • Because the laser can be mounted independently from the display zone, you can for example use the radarTOUCH to make a shop window interactive
  • The radarTOUCH is extremely suitable for use with large screens or projectors
  • The maximum size of your interactive environment depends on your application. If you want to detect small objects such as fingers, a screen diagonal of about 70” is ideal. If you only want to detect big gestures, your interactive environment can be up to 20m.


  • Distance Radius 25m
  • Maximum angle 190°
  • Angular Resolution 0,36°
  • Scanning Ratio 25scans/s of 40ms/scan
  • Transmitter infrared laser diode, laser class 1 (EN 60825)
  • Power: 75W at 24V (DC)
  • Weight: 2,3 kg

Most used for

  • Shop windows
  • Trade shows
  • Presentations
  • Events


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