Panasonic PT-RZ570

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Panasonic PT-RZ570

An HD projector with laser light source, 5400 lumen and fixed lens.

Brand: Panasonic
Dimensions: 498 x 168 x 492mm
Category: Projection


The best choice for a 5400-lm laser projector for professional use, with an exceptional brightness and image quality. New generation laser diodes offer a brightness of 5400 lm.

With WUXGA resolution, ideal for lectures and presentations with very detailed images. Dynamic light regulation for contrast of 20.000:1.

Daylight View Basic ensures razor-sharp images in bright environments.

Details Clarity Processor 3 makes the slightest details even sharper.

DICOM simulation mode for medical presentations and trainings.

Long-term reliability and little maintenance needed thanks to the laser light source with original Panasonic technology which offers around 20.000 hours of uninterrupted functioning.

Hermetically and airtight sealed dust-free optical block.

Efficient cooling system

Lens shift with wide range and 2.0 x zoom

, Full HD video and control systems can be transmitted over distances up to 150 m via DIGITAL LINK connection with just one single cable

Free 360 degrees installation (vertical and horizontal) including portrait mode for vertical image projection

Automatic display rotation

Geometric adjustment for screens with special shapes

Multi-Screen Support system for a seamless connection of screens with border overflow and color compatibility

Compatible with light regulation protocol Art-Net

Features fade-in and fade-out for a smooth presentation

Fast switch on and off

Low sound functioning at 29 dB


1 Video input
2 Computer 1 input
3 Computer 2 input/output 4 DVI-D input
5 HDMI 1 output
6 HDMI 2 input
7 DIGITAL LINK connector 8 LAN connector
9 Audio 1 input
10 Serial input
11 Audio 2 input
12 Audio 3 input
13 Audio output
14 USB connector


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