T15 – Mobile LED (Closed)

image - Outdoor LED - T15 – Mobile LED (Closed)

T15 – Mobile LED (Closed)

Large outdoor LED screen suitable to provide images to a large audience.

Category: Outdoor LED


  • Large 15m² LED screen
  • Installed on a trailer (open/closed)
  • Is able to provide images to up to 2000 people (of course depending on the circumstances of the location)



  • Pitch 4.8 mm SMD
  • Dimensions: 5m height, 3m width
  • Resolution: 1040×624 pixels
  • Brightness: 5000 NIT
  • Minimum viewing distance: 5m
  • Input signal: VGA, DVI, (HD)SDI


  • Dimensions: 6m length, 4,5m width
  • Weight: 3.500 KG
  • Screen rotation: 360°
  • Power supply: 32A-400V-3P-N+A/11kW
  • Ready to operate in 30 minutes

Most used for

  • Sports events
  • Celebrations
  • Festivals
  • Football games

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