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Bright Sign Player

Very powerful video engine offering different possibilities.

Brand: Brightsign
Category: Accessories


  • Creates the opportunity to let people watch live HDTV besides your messages
  • Multiple video entrances
  • Offers the possibility to display cable TV or closed emissions
  • HDMI input plays all broadcast content
  • Can display everything from simple basic content to high-end, interactive displays and video walls.
  • More info available here.


Available types:

  • HD1020
  • HD220
  • XD1024 (4K)
  • XD230
  • XD232


  • Powerful video engine which is capable to decode two1080×60 videos simultaneously
  • Live HDTV playback via the ATSC/Clear QAM Tuner
  • Or HDMI input for displaying broadcast content
  • Simultaneous display from content sources (local, network or streaming)
  • Up-speed JPEG decompression for instant image display
  • Large support for content: Full HD videos, pictures, audio, HTML5, streaming content, 3D content and Live Text
  • Interactive possibilities by means of possibilities for touch and swipe control through GPIO, UDP and double USB gates
  • S/PDIF exit for digital surround audio
  • Video wall support, mixed screen orientation and unusual display shapes
  • Streaming of a broad range of content, such as video, audio, live text and media feeds
  • Built-in network to directly manage and update the content
  • Creates presentations effortlessly thanks to the Bright Author Software, supplied free of charge
  • Micro SD card slot for saving and playing content
  • Low energy use
  • Very reliable and solid state platform
  • Optional accessories: Wireless Module, USB Button Panels and SDHC or MicroSD cards

Most used for

  • Simple control of screens
  • Control of Video walls


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