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Novid moved to a larger space

We are moving! New adres from August 7th 2017: Herman De Nayerstraat 1 - 2550 Waarloos.

Vicky Waldukat and Wouter van Beirendonck, the entrepreneurial duo behind Novid, have been looking for a new office and warehouse space for the past two years. After a long and hard search for the perfect building and location they have finally found an impressive building in Waarloos this summer. Since Wouter and Vicky started the company in 2003, it has grown to be a solid KMO with a yearly turnover of about 5 million euros and with 33 colleagues working hard everyday.

Vicky Waldukat: “We are literally bursting out of our seams at our current location. Despite the construction of a second floor and the rental of an extra storage space across the street, we still don’t have enough room. We work in the rental sector ant that means that there is a continious flow of material that goes in and out of our warehouse. In order to make this process run smoothly, we need to have a lot of space.”

A serious upgrade for the ever-growing material park was imminent, but finding a suitable building was not evident. Numerous options crossed our path, but the location was often a problem. The chosen building is an impressive construction of steel and glass, barely 4 kilometers from our current location and easily accessible via the E19. That was a must. “Initially, we want to remain close to and accessible to our customers, but we also find a healthy work environment important for our employees. This way our colleagues who ride their bike to work, can still do that.

Novid has been eagerly preparing for to move. The actual moving day is planned in the weekend of August 5th and 6th. Vicky is visibly enthusiastic when she talks about the possibilities of the new location in the Herman De Nayerstraat in Waarloos. “Finally we will have some room to breathe and to create an efficient logistic proces for our warehouse. The attractive building and impressive showroom are something to be proud of.”