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A new TV season and new realisations from Novid

Last week, Lieven Van Gils kicked off the new season of 'Van Gils & gasten'. As a viewer, you have seen it: Lieven is surrounded by new guests and by a striking new LED screen.

What a gem it has become. The new 18 m2 LED screen curved and hanging central in the TV-studio. The new screen is 30% larger than in the previous seasons. The LT Series by Novid is ideal for this kind of creative applications. In this setup we used the LT2.8i tiles, which guarantee crisp and vivid images. The LED screen that accompanied the host Lieven Van Gils for the past three years was the reference in TV-land in Belgium, and we are sure this new screen will surpass the expectations. Novid has been a technical partner of the VRT for the past 15 years. The TV-studios of Sporza and ‘De Zevende Dag‘ are all equipped with Novid solutions, and this summer our screens in ‘Villa Sporza‘ brought the World Cup football matches to life. 

Novid made it real, at the VRT-studio and also at its Walloon counterpart: the RTL-studios. The clever dialogues of Christophe Deborsu and his guests will now take place in a completely renovated studio. Novid provided the ‘C’est pas tous les jours dimanche’ program with three LED walls with a total surface area of 22m2. The curved screens are spectacularly incorporated into the TV-decor. For this we used LT2.5i tiles to build screens with an HD-resolution of 1920 pixels wide. 

We are rightly proud of these new projects, our video technicians and the collaboration with VRT and RTL!