Novid has a wide range of LCD screens, suitable for the most diverse projects!


1400 LCD screens are waiting for you in our warehouse. Capacity is no problem!

LCD in a nutshell

High resolution, sharp images, even from up close Suitable for all types of content: from a razor-sharp presentation to a sports competition in HD Indoor and outdoor solutions

Why choose an LCD screen?

High resolutions, even for smaller sizes

LCD screens display dynamic content in pin-sharp quality. Choose from our strong Full-HD screens and our displays with incredible 4K UHD image quality for festivals, exhibition stands, showrooms, TV studios and meeting rooms. Looking for something bigger? Then go for an LCD wall or video wall with super thin bezels for maximum viewing surface.
User friendly and efficient

Enjoy quick and easy setup with LCD screens: the built-in media players make it very efficient. Just plug-and-play and get your content on the screen. Are you looking for something bigger? Then we can put together an ultra-thin LCD wall. Thanks to our unique mounting system, the configuration possibilities are almost unlimited, with smooth construction guaranteed.
Professional and creative screens

The AV market is changing rapidly. At Novid we keep a close eye on these developments! This way we can continue to inspire you with the latest gadgets and technology for your next event. Some examples from our rental offer: Ultra-Stretch displays with a 58:9 image format, Coolers with a built-in 49" LCD screen, Dual-View OLED displays and our latest 98" mega-touchscreens.

Types of LCD screens

Afbeelding van Outdoor LCD

Indoor LCD
Professional screens for non-stop use (24/7)

Afbeelding van Outdoor LCD

Outdoor LCD
Suitable for extreme weather conditions, from rain to bight sunshine.

Afbeelding van LCD WALLS

Videowalls with super-thin bezels for maximum viewing surface

Afbeelding van 4K UHD

Stunning picture quality for ultra-realistic details

Afbeelding van Touchscreens

All-in-one FullHD touch screen and signage solutions

Afbeelding van Novid Concepts

Novid Concepts
Other than usual: Ultra-stretch, dual view, smart hybrid cooler,…

LCD screens are suitable for:

Trade Shows
Digital signage, presentations, video & animation, marketing messages

Meeting support
Presentations, digital signage and built-in a conference room

Marketing messages and video pillars

Incorperation into decors, news broadcasts, tv-shows and series

Live broadcasting, publicity and digital signage

LCD screens with Novid service

Novid has a wide range of professional screens to offer. Our project managers and video technicians have the technical and creative knowledge to realise a reliable LCD solution for you and your event.

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