Shining bright at a successful edition of Télévie

Shining bright at a successful edition of Télévie

Novid made it real at Télévie

Télévie is a yearly charity event of the French-speaking Belgian broadcaster RTL-TVI to collect money for cancer and leukaemia research. Novid and RTL work together annually to bring the Videohouse set and recording studios in Vilvoorde to life with our screen solutions.

A resolution higher than HD

For this event, the podium installation was custom-made to fit our screens. By co-creating, we could install the curved LED’s around the circular podia and the impressive curved LED’s hanging in the air. We placed LCD screens between the audience, offering an extra dimension. What attracted the most attetion were the two massive LEDwalls in the back of the main podium. These two 2.5mm LEDwalls were almost 6 meters wide and 3.36 meters high with a resolution higher than Full HD. These spectacular eye-catchers gave the show extra dimension.

This edition could count on enormous support by the Belgian public and ended with a record amount of more than 10 million euros.



  • A higher resolution than Full HD
  • Beautiful curved LED
  • Team Novid on duty during the show

Be sure to view a timelapse video of our Télévie setup.

Watch the time-lapse video