LT Series in action at ISE 2018

LT Series in action at ISE 2018

ISE (Integraded Systems Europe) is the largest AV and systems integrator trade show in the world. This is the place to discover the latest audiovisual technology, to catch up on trends, to listen to top international speakers and to network with the best of the best. All the major brands from the audiovisual world are present. As did Novid, at ISE we showed our LT Series in Europe for the first time! 

The visitors experienced the unlimited possibilities of the LT Series. The LT tiles were everywhere in the Novid booth, in LED cubes, tunnels, mosaic als and also on the LED-lined counter and bar. Our visitors experienced first hand that creating a LEDwall with the LT Series is a pure plug-and-play story. The LED tiles are easy to integrate into classical aluminum frames for stand construction. But they can also be used for stand-alone constructions, allowing them to easily be integrated into any kind of set-up or arrangement.

Full HD

Novid showed four types of its LT Series at ISE: The LT 2.0i and the LT 2.5i — both indoor tiles, and the LT 2.5o and the LT 2.8o, the outdoor tiles. The tiles are specifically designed to display 1920 pixels wide in certain configurations. This gives you the possibility to create a Full HD LEDwall without processing. The result? An image that is incomparable to other LEDwalls! With the LT 2.0i, 1920 pixels (Full HD) can be realized in a television studio with a screen of less than 4 meters wide. LED has thus become a real seamless alternative to configurations with LCD screens, without those little black lines. 


Frames en main unit

Novid designed custom frames to make the outside corners of a stand-alone totem, column or crown as seamless as possible. Wouter Van Beirendonck, Novid’s CEO and the inventor of the LT Series explains “We notice that these setups are very popular in our latest realisations. The LT Series offer endless creative opportunities and solutions and create wonderful LED experiences.” The frames and the main unit of the LT Series are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use!

This product was developed with Novid’s 15+ years of AV experience on exhibition floors and during large-scale events. “We literally and figuratively stood with our bones in the mud, in storms and on super-chaotic trade show fairs. Our mind always wondered ‘how can we build LEDwalls more efficient, more user-friendly, and therefore ultimately cheaper.’ Et voilà, the LT Series were born as a result of always thinking ahead.”




LEDwalls have an enormous visual impact on your product and brand visibility, the Novid booth was living proof of that. Novid will be at ISE again from february 5-8 2019 in Amsterdam. Be sure to make note of it in your calendar and come visit us again this year!

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In short

Client: Novid

Total set-up time: 1,5 days

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