LT Series brings football to life in the VRT Studio

LT Series brings football to life in the VRT Studio

Also this year, the VRT broadcasts the World Cup matches from the garden in the shadow of the VRT tower. There is a lot te experience in the impressive World Cup Studio, Villa Sporza, especially during the exciting Red Devils games. The LT Series from Novid bring the football games to life in the studio.

Devillish action on LT Series LEDwall in the studio

The presenters, their guest and the audience in the studio are spoiled in several ways. They watch the games on a 5 x 3 meter LEDwall inside the tv-studio. Sixty LT Series 2.8 Led Cabinets ensure sharp images.

Building the studio of Villa Sporza was planned according to a strict schedule. The four-person Novid team handled it with passion! The LT Series ensures that every component is accessible from the front so that it can easily be serviced. As a result, there is no extra space behind the screen, so that it can be mounted close to the wall and thus creates extra space in the studio.

Six LCD screens (Samsung DM75E, LG 75UH5C and Samsung UE55D) further enhance the dynamic and ultimate sport experience in the studio. The audience has an excellent view of what is happening on the field from all positions thanks to strategically placed screens on the studio floor and on the railings.

Optimal viewing experience in the VRT garden

Thanks to the hot summer, the football fans can view the games from the garden. The Novid team installed a 7 x 4 meter LED screen on the outside wall of the studio. 112 LT Series 4.4 Outdoor LED tiles were placed in only 6 hours. These lightweight LT cabinets were useful during the construction of screens of this caliber. They are quickly to set up and do not need heavy suspension points. That came in handy because it was the explicit request of our client: to build a slim and tense LED screen right on the wall of the tv-studio.



Perfect image, good matches and a great overall experience, what more does a football fan need? The audience is enthousiastic, the customer is very satisfied. We at Novid find it super exciting that so many people see our screens during these live broadcasts!

In short

Client: VRT

Total set-up time: Indoor: 0,5 day / Outdoor: 1 day

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