Capture the race at the Belgian Championship in Tervuren

Capture the race at the Belgian Championship in Tervuren

The magic of the big screen

On this important day for the Belgian cycling world, Novid was invited to deliver screens that would let the public follow the race from a distance. We installed different types of mobile LED trailers for the public as well as freestanding screens in the VIP areas to optimally visualize the race. A simple and straight-forward job from a technical point of view that was met with some challenges due to the hilly and rough terrain. The event was a success and nothing was left unseen.



  • The crowd didn’t miss a single second of the race
  • Everyone enjoyed the race due to the razor-sharp image quality
  • Passion and action thanks to the magic of the big screen

In short

Client: 'Koninklijke Belgische Wielrijdersbond' (KBWB)

Total set-up time: 3 days

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