We Make it Real

Novid is a rental service company, which is specialized in the rental and sale of audiovisual material. Together with our customers we create the best, most authentic overall experiences trough professional audiovisual technology and tailor-made personal service. We work with unique people with whom we share 3 core values:

Everything starts with authentic and creative skills

  • We are passionate about the audiovisual sector and its ever evolving technology
  • We are committed to achieve real, high-quality solutions
  • We are curious and creative, with technical and conceptual skills

Our no-nonsense mentality

  • Both our feet are on the ground and in the middle of our expertise
  • We do, do, do…
  • We are flexible and constructive, we anticipate questions

We focus on congenial partnerships

  • We enjoy co-creative work
  • We are open-minded, friendly and prefer human contact
  • We are more than a supplier, we are your partner with a maximum focus on your objectives

Team Novid

Our friendly Novid colleagues are at our clients’ service every day. Would you like to join Team Novid? That is possible! Check out our open positions.

Novid and the world: entrepreneurship is a privilege

To us entrepreneurship is a way to grow, we want to give something back to the society that has given us every opportunity. This belief results in sustainable commitments in the following fields:  

  • Arts and culture

    Art and culture enrich and connect our society. That is why we regularly support initiatives that contribute to this. Our screens stood out during the events in the pop-up café ‘Operaplein 1‘, they have brought poetry closer tot he public during ‘Rock Palace‘ and were used during the exhibition of the ‘Academy for Visual Arts Mortsel‘ in Fort 4. 

  • Ecology

    At Novid we do what we can to be a sustainable, this in small and large actions. We have greened our car park with hybrid and electric cars. We wear ethically responsible work clothing. We replaced plastic bottles with durable ‘dopper’ boothles and we drink fair trade coffee under our solar panel roof. 

  • Together for a better world

    Whether it is international initiatives or local actions, we are committed to a better world. We support the important goals of ‘MSF’, ‘To Walk Again’ and ‘Plan Belgium’. We warmly welcome local initiatives from ‘De Warmste Week’, ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ and the ‘Kinderkankerfonds’.